Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety


Record Keeping and Reporting Requirements

Safety and Health Topics

  • First Aid, CPR
  • Driver Safety
  • Disaster Preparedness

Workplace Safety 10 Tips

In the end, workplace safety is the responsibility of everyone at your job. Everyone has a part to play in keeping the workplace safe and free from unnecessary dangers and risks. By keeping these tips in mind and sharing them with others, you will be doing your part in keeping injuries, and possibly deaths, from happening on the job.

The safest workplaces are ones in which every single employee knows office safety tips. If your employer doesn’t have a program in place for educating staff about workplace safety, you might want to ask your human resources department or boss about the feasibility of creating one. Your company could hire a consultant to help implement such policies, or consult the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health website.
A safe office benefits employers and employees alike. Companies can save money on insurance and workers compensation claims, while also maintaining good morale and productivity among the staff. Workers save money on health care costs and are happier and more productive in safe office environments.